Our Families

Our expectations of parents/families

Parents/families play a vital role in education and can enhance success by:

  • Promoting a positive culture of school and education in the home
  • Developing the organisational and social expectations for school
  • Setting up learning spaces at home
  • Reading– listen to emerging readers and monitor independent readers daily. Encourage secondary students to read daily for pleasure
  • Engaging with the school cooperatively and respectfully
  • Ensuring students attend school and communicating absences
  • Returning all notes and message and raising any concerns in a timely manner
  • Paying Materials & Services Fees (or applying for School Card), excursions and camps (payment schedules are available)
  • We encourage parents of secondary students to provide a laptop for students. It is optional in Year 7-9 but essential for Year 10-12

In addition we have 3 school events a year that we expect parents to engage in:

Student led conferences (week 8, term 2)

Students present their learning to their family members. They discuss what they are learning, their strengths and areas for improvement and strategies to achieve this.

Learning expo (Thursday week 10, term 3)

Staff showcase particular teaching practices the school focusses on and students present a range of learning e.g. performance, Problem Based Learning presentations, senior school course information is provided.

End of year celebration (Tuesday week 8, term 4)

Traditionally called “Presentation Night” this event celebrates the achievements of all of our students over the year.

Families are welcome to attend Sports Day in Term 1

Governing council, Canteen, Parents & Friends

Governing Council

The object of the council is to involve the school community in the governance of the school to strengthen and support public education in the community.
The Council works in conjunction with the Principal to:

  • Involve the school community in governance of the school by providing a forum for the involvement of parents and the school community. Ensures local context of educational needs is represented and that the cultural and social diversity needs of the community are considered
  • Set a broad vision for the school
  • Be consulted on
    • The site improvement plan and be involved in strategic plans, policies e.g. student management, uniform
    • The budget and approve the budget
    • The Annual Report
  • YAS Governing Council operates the school canteen.
    Membership (minimum 11):
    • 6 elected parent representatives
    • 1 Parent & Friends representative
    • 1 Student Voice representative
    • 1 staff representative
    • Principal

Positions are for two years and the Annual General Meeting is held early in Term 1 each year.

The YAS Governing Council provides an important voice in the school and active participation in decision making.


YAS Governing Council operates a great canteen three days a week: Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.
Much of the food is prepared on-site and there are many healthy and appealing options at great prices. Family members are welcome to volunteer in the canteen.

Parents & Friends

An active Parents & Friends group operates and welcomes all volunteers: yasparentsandfriends@gmail.com

The group supports the canteen, runs coffee mornings, caters for Sports Days and other school functions. Family members can be regular participants or register on a list to help out at the larger events.